Friday, November 30, 2012

When you write code - you are not just a Developer

This morning I was reading the section Executive Bloggers [Microsoft Developer Tools Blogs] on Microsoft  Blogs and happened to read Soma's Blog - very inspirational, I must say and the way he has made it to leading the Developer Division. Further I accidentally happened to read Jason Zander's blog and noticed one thing that I don't see to read or hear or know these days ...

About Jason Zander

Hi there!  I'm the corporate vice president for the development team of Windows Azure in the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft.  I've worked on lots of products in twenty years at Microsoft with the unifying theme of building platforms and tools for developers to do great work.  I love writing code!  And I love working on a team where developing software and helping others build and deliver their own software is a core mission. 

I couldn't resist to share my perspective (after all, my blog is all about perspective, any way!) that writing code and loving to do it, does not keep you, your all life as a Developer - you can be a great leader (like Jason is Corporate VP - Development) and still enjoy writing code ...

Way to go, Jason.

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