Monday, November 26, 2012

Fixed it! Internet Explorer issue - IE will open up an empty tab when navigating to a hyper link from any source page

The other day, I decided in the morning to put this issue to the rest. I analysed various scenarios and nailed down that the issue was concentrated to just my IE or local configuration/settings .. I like to stay with the latest stuff and thus I have IE 10 preview for Windows 7

I can tell you, the issue is/was not with the version of Internet Explorer 

(I did try the fantastic F12 developer tool to play with various compatibility modes .. no luck, though!)

Any way, it was my determination to nail down the issue to the bottom of it and figured out that the TFS (Team Foundation Server) plug-in for Office 2010 that I had enabled on my machine, for some reason screwed up (excuse my French!)  the registry settings .. I've a feeling that happened along with my upgrade of TFS from 2010 to 2012!

Any way, if this happens to you, I'd suggest check out the registry (Run, regedit) ..


Updating that to this… did all the wonder
@="{A4A1A128-768F-41E0-BF75-E4FDDD701CBA}" … so what the heck is that.. I traced that into the registry and bingo .. see below

@="C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\ieproxy.dll"

ieproxy.dll is a IE ActiveX Interface Marshaling Library from Microsoft Corporation belonging to Windows® Internet Explorer

so what was wrong with the *incorrect* registry value … see below


hlinkprx.dll is a non-system process that seems to have some relationship to Office Plug-in – perhaps something updated it for *no* reason

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