Friday, April 5, 2013

How do you sort worksheets in Excel 2010?

Interestingly enough, Microsoft Excel does not have an inherent functionality of sorting data sheets. I was working on something that required to segregate data across multiple worksheets and in no time had come up with several data sheets on the same workbook. I had to find a better way of organizing them and the first thing I needed was an ability to sort my worksheets ...

However, there is always a way to find a workaround to it .. and to be honest, I do not find that difficult to apply - this post is about the same.

and there I have it my worksheets, sorted ...

Basically, you will have to run the macro in VB Editor and run that under a module.

Do remember that unless you <save as..> as your workbook as type .xlsm, the macro will not be part of the spreadsheet and in which case you will have to revisit the steps to run the macro again.


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