Sunday, September 11, 2011

None of us will ever forget

It was a beautiful morning on September 11th 2001 - I was half way my commute to the work when to my dismay what I heard on the radio was a completely incredible! shocking news - a broken perspective of a group of people who took along thousands of human lives in so little time.. and it left a legacy of hardships and remembrance for those who lost their dear ones.

Ten years later, the great country has rebuilt the part of the WTC - more so, even much better and much safer than ever before; however one kid touched my heart during the family visitation speech that I heard on the CBC this morning.

.. Dad, if you were here today you would've been proud to see my little brother who is now 12 years old ..

"I try to teach him all the things my father taught me. How to catch a baseball, how to ride a bike," and to work hard in school, he said.

"I wish my dad had been there to teach me how to drive, ask a girl on a date, and see me graduate from high school," he said, choking up. "And a hundred other things I can't even begin to name."

Peter Negron 10 years later: ‘I miss you so much, Dad’

God bless us all.

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